Learn about the people involve in GamesWithWords.org below.


Joshua Hartshorne - website (click)

Joshua Hartshorne is an graduate student at the Psychology Department of Harvard University. He has worked as a research assistant to Yuhong Jiang at Harvard, Michael Ullman at Georgetown University, Guinevere Eden at Georgetown University, and John Monahan at Central Michigan University. He founded the CLL. He is broadly interested in human behavior, with a particular interest in language and inference. By "inference," he means the application of learned information to make predictions about a novel situation.



Claire Bonial

Claire Bonial is a graduate student at the University of Colorado-Boulder and is a collaborator on the VerbCorner Project.


Amy Geojo

Amy Geojo is a graduate student in the Psychology Department at Harvard University. She collaborated with Josh on the Gorp Test.


Laura Germine - website (click)

Laura Germine is a postdoctoral researcher in the Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Genetics Unit at MGH, and the developer of TestMyBrain.org. She collaborated on the Memory Test.


Timothy Hartshorne - website (click)

Timothy Hartshorne is a professor at Central Michigan University. His primary topic of research is CHARGE Syndrome. He is also interested in Adlerian Psychology. He is collaborating with Josh on the Birth Order project. Yes, they are related.


Yi Ting Huang- website (click)

Yi Ting Huang is a professor in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences at the University of Maryland, where she works on the semantics-pragmatics interface, cross-linguistic comparisons, and reading development. She collaborated on Collecting Fancy Art.


Tal Makovski - website (click)

Tal Makovski is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota, where he works with Yuhong Jiang. Makovski studies visual attention and visual memory. He and Josh have worked on several Web-based experiments studying visual cognition, such as Rapid Reading and The Video Experiment.


Martha Palmer - website (click)

Martha Palmer is a professor at the University of Colorado and is a collaborator on the VerbCorner Project.


Nancy Salem-Hartshorne

Nancy Salem-Hartshorne teaches at Central Michigan University. Her research has focused on CHARGE Syndrome. She has also worked extensively on projects that provide support for teachers and families of students with disabilities. She is collaborating with Josh on the Birth Order project. They are related, too.


Jesse Snedeker - website (click)

Jesse Snedeker is an Associate Professor at the Harvard University Psychology Department... and Josh's Ph.D. advisor. She studies language development, comprehension, production and representation, particularly at the sentence level and above.


Timothy O'Donnell - website (click)

Timothy O'Donnell is a graduate student in the Psychology Department at Harvard University. He specializes in computational modeling of linguistic processes. He collaborated with Josh on Word Sense.



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